ReNaFo: Who We Are


As a nonprofit organization, the International Association for Restoration of Native Forest, or ReNaFo, aims at the restoration of natural forests.
The climate crisis is proceeding, but the deforestation of tropical rain forests continues. Field fires are spreading under drought around the world. To pass on a healthy environment to our children, the restoration of the natural forest is crucial. ReNaFo aims to restore natural forests as one of the essential actions against climate crisis and natural disasters.


Our reforestation theory is based on ecological science. Along with the natural system, young seedlings of many species confirmed as the potential natural vegetation are planted in high density (for more details, see the page on Practical Method). This method was proposed and has been conducted by Dr. Akira Miyawaki and is also known as the Miyawaki Method. Since the first natural forest was restored 50 years ago, all these forests are growing successfully worldwide.


Establishment: 10, September 2008

Tokyo office

2-12-13 Shinmachi, Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan 185-0004
Tel 042-401-0401 Fax 042-401-0226

Nagano office

497-4 Sodenoyama, kamiminouchi, Nagano, Japan 389-1223
Tel 026-253-4740 Fax 026-400-5651
Mail address:


Hideyuki Takahashi (Chair, Architect)
Hidemitsu Kobayashi (Vice Chair, Producer)
Kazue Fujiwara (Professor, Yokohama City University, Ecologist)
Doryu Hioki (Buddhist Priest)
Yoshiomi Nakajima (City Planning Coordinator)
Hiroshi Nakamura (Educator)


Shuichi Shibata (President, Gardening Corp.)
Hisao Iio (Chief manager, City clean center)