Nature restored in a short period

Miyawaki Method: Restoring Nature in a Short Period

Existing forests in Japan have been deformed from their original state by humans, many of which are now conifer forests to produce timber. Other trees are transported from foreign countries simply to build electric poles and houses, and also for the beautification of townscapes. They need human maintenance to grow and are easily burned in field fires. These trees also tend to give undesirable effects to the ecology where they are planted.

On the other hand, forests formed from original and indigenous species are strong. They grow without human support, but for a bare land to develop into a natural forest, it usually takes about 200 to 300 years in Japan. To shorten this time, we can give it a hand. It is the restoration work of the natural forest. In only 10 to 20 years, bare land can be transformed into a rich natural forest by the Miyawaki Method.

10 years after the plantation, Shimanto City, Kochi Pre. Japan (Y. Takano  Nov. 2006)