Activities of ReNaFo

Since the establishment of ReNaFo, we have conducted the following activities.

Restoration of natural forests

ReNaFo has organized a number of planting festivals to restore natural forests. We called on citizens to work as volunteers to plant young seedlings of potential natural vegetation. The results for the years from 2008 to 2020 are as follows:

  •     Planting festival:     44
  •     Total planting area:   2.6 hectares
  •     Number of seedlings:  84,000
  •     Number of species:   18-38 (differs in each place)
  •     Number of participants: 15,000

In the case of similar plantings organized by other organizations, ReNaFo cooperated with them technically or supported them with manpower.

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Training and certification of specialists for natural forest restoration work

From 2009 to 2019, training has taken place 11 times. (Due to COVID-19, training was suspended in 2020.) In the training, participants obtain the philosophy and techniques to conduct jobsite work. This course has produced 141 specialists. The certification is called Assistant Master of Green Engineering, or AMGE.

AMGE members conduct the following: proposing, designing, preparing, leading, planting, and maintaining projects for the restoration of natural forests. They are the leading forces in ReNaFo’s activities.

Information support

Information on tree planting activities is sent to ReNaFo and AMGE members through the website and the leaflets “ReNaFo Information.” A total of 17 leaflets have been distributed.

Symposiums and lecture meetings

Since the start of ReNaFo, we have taken part in 17 symposiums and lecture meetings. The themes were on the importance and effects of the natural forest.

On 3 March, 2012, a symposium was held at Tohoku Welfare University in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture where tide barriers made by natural forests were discussed. After the event, tide barrier projects started in the cities of Iwanuma and Minami Soma, places that were damaged by the huge tsunami of 2011.